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The internet is ultimate double edged sword. On the one hand it presents almost unlimited business opportunities. And on the other hand it provides unprecedented opportunities for those who would want to do you harm by posting lies, salacious accusations or compromising photos of you for the whole world to see.

If you want to make the most of online business opportunities you need a good reputation management on your side. And if you want to protect yourself from the backwash of past mistakes or vengeful former lovers or employees you need first class online reputation management on your side.

What is ORM?

The internet is not self-policing. It doesn’t care if old pictures of you surface and ruin your career. It doesn’t care if someone you fired for stealing posts slanderous accusations about you on social media. Protecting people, their loved ones and their businesses from the dark side of the web is what online reputation management is all about.

Job Search and Career Protection

If you’ve applied for a number of jobs for which you are well-qualified and heard nothing back it likely has nothing to do with the paperwork you submitted or the interview. In all likelihood the silence is a result of the HR person doing an internet search on you after you left and finding something unflattering.

Maybe it was a compromising photo taken when you weren’t aware, or a police record that indicates you were once arrested for driving under the influence as a teenager. The fact is employers today are risk-averse. So if they see anything that indicates you may be less than perfect they’ll toss your resume and move on to the next one.

Whether you’re searching for a new job or well established in your career we can help. Our online reputation management service can track down compromising photos or negative things being said about you and formulate effective strategies for neutralizing them.

ORM is Not an Internet Vacuum Cleaner

Unfortunately, the same thing that makes the internet a vast arena for wealth creation – its unregulated nature – is the same thing that makes it almost impossible to remove negative content without the cooperation of the person that created it. And good luck with that. So an ORM service is not an internet vacuum cleaner that can suck up negative press.

Fortunately however, more than 90% of people who use search engines never venture beyond page 1 of search results. And only about 1% ever go past page 2. So sometimes the best strategy to fight the negative is to drown it in the positive. When done right this has the effect of not only bolstering your profile, but burying that negative content down on page 3 or 4 or 5 where no one will ever see it.

Not Just to Fight the Negative

While the main focus of an ORM service – or anywhere for that matter – is to root out potentially damaging material about you and provide ways to eliminate or nullify it, ORM isn’t all about damage control. ORM is also used to fill in gaps in a person’s or a company’s public profile.

People attempting to get a career or business off the ground often suffer from a lack of supporting materials. Things that could raise their profile in the eyes of prospective employers or customers and create separation from the pack. Our ORM service can create these things for you and get them out there where they can be seen.

Still Not Convinced?

Consider these sobering examples of people’s lives being upended by materials floating around in cyberspace:

  • In 2017 Harvard University revoked the acceptance of 10 students when it was discovered that they had posted allegedly offensive material to social media in the past.
  • James Gunn was fired as director of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after a tweet of his from many years ago surfaced that seemed to make fun of being raped.
  • Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence was horrified to discover that compromising photos she had taken of herself had been automatically uploaded to the Apple cloud storage system where they were hacked and published online.

And the list goes on and on. Protect yourself from the downside of the digital age by taking advantage of our online reputation management service. We’ve helped to protect themselves and enhance their business and career prospects and we can help you too.

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